Food for All Community Fund

Food for All Community Fund

Hidden Trails Farm
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Are you looking to give the gift of food or want a place to donate that will directly help others?
This donation fund will be used to provide meals and fresh food to those who are struggling. Maker Feed Co and Hidden Trails Farm will work with people or families to determine their needs and ensure they have access to healthy food in times of need.

People or families who are gifted food will remain anonymous unless they choose otherwise.

We are committed to use the funds received from this fund and source local products and all from local businesses. 

This initiative stemmed from our Christmas Dinner campaign which was a huge success. With the help of public monetary donations, we worked with local businesses and volunteers to deliver 80 complete meal packages on Christmas Day with extra dishes such as tortieres for additional meals. These meals were provided to people who are at risk (mentally or physically) and do not have the support they need locally or who do not qualify for assistance. 

56 units have been gifted since October 2021.